TIE Kinetix E-Commerce platform

The technologies for E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management are now well-established, but there is still room for improvement and further development.

A complete, scalable and proven platform for E-Commerce

The MamboFive Commerce Suite, TIE Kinetix’s E-Commerce Platform, is a complete, scalable and proven solution for E-Commerce that enables you to take your company online easily and professionally. Whether you are active in B2B, B2C or a combination of both, our platform makes the transition to doing business via the Internet no problem at all. You become the owner of a webshop over which you have total control. It is also possible to achieve seamless integration with existing ERP systems (Exact, Unit4, BaaN, Oracle, SAP WMS and many others).

Control over the entire process, a full ERP system

TIE Kinetix has developed our E-Commerce Suite to enable SMEs to achieve high sales on the Internet quickly and without having to take any drastic measures. It also enables large organisations with the platform to have more control over the total E-Commerce process. TIE supplies all the basic ingredients for an Internet shop, such as the product catalogue and payment facilities. SMEs will be able to handle it right away. The package is flexible and fits easily into existing operational management. And because of its smart functionality, TIE can grow into a full ERP system for finance, logistics, etc., making it an attractive solution for large organisations.

Cost-effective while retaining existing investments and entirely future-proof

It’s all about time-to-market – quickly implementing a complete, professional Internet shop and doing business on the web straight away. And of course it’s also about flexibility and scalability. We can achieve all of that cost-effectively while retaining your existing investments. And with 24/7 support, so any problems are quickly resolved. Furthermore, TIE Kinetix is future-proof and retains its value, because it can grow as your business grows. An excellent customer interfaces means that products can be easily added, deleted, changed, re-priced, etc., so that your website is always up to date. The TIE Kinetix E-Commerce Platform makes you more competitive and helps increase your profit margin.

The major reasons why companies purchase our software solutions:

  • Flexibility and scalability 
  • Achieving cost-efficiency 
  • Short implementation time 
  • No operational reorganisation needed after implementation

And you will also have the best technology – with SLAs – for running an Internet shop. Fully manageable, flexible and scalable.

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